President's Perspective

A Message From The President 


Once again this year, the Etobicoke Girls Softball season was a success. With the introduction of our new T-Ball division and addition of teams in Squirt and Novice, we had 330 girls in our community involved in the sport of softball. We were also successful on the diamond, both in House League and in Select.

I was on the field during the medal presentation to the Etobicoke Mite team that won the championship. I had the opportunity to look down the line of 11 Etobicoke Mite players on Team Blue. With some satisfaction, I noted to myself that 7 of the 11 players had begun their softball careers in our Learn to Play program.

A little while later, I noticed some of these same Mite players watching one of the Etobicoke Bantam teams play their playoff game and it came to mind that a few of the Bantam girls on that team had been instructors in our Learn to Play program, this year and in the past few seasons.

Over the weekend, I also noticed that some of our older players were officiating at games as part of the umpire staff for the playoff tournament. These same umpires were greeted warmly by Etobicoke parents and players.

These are merely a few examples of how we are all part of the same softball family.

I want to thank all players and families who go beyond their initial commitment to their team and who take part in other areas of the league.This would include girls volunteering to be a call up for another team, girls volunteering to assist with our Learn to Play and T-Ball programs, girls willing to take the training to become umpires in our league, girls who come out to the park on their weekend off from softball to help with our Select tournaments and most importantly, girls who take the time to interact with other girls, no matter the age, to share the excitement of softball.


And of course, all the parents who facilitate and actively engage in all of these various activities, whether coaching, sponsoring or providing transportation and encouragement.

Our inaugural T-Ball season was a lot of fun. Just as in the past when our Senior LTP girls moved up to play in our Mite division, we hope that our T-Ball girls gained some confidence in their softball skills and will be joining one of our Mite teams in 2018.


We are happy to announce that Etobicoke Girls Softball is providing a 3rd level of play for our Novice girls in 2018. We ran a successful series of try outs for this team and 11 of our players will be playing on the Etobicoke Novice Mayhem Rep team next summer. We hope to expand the Mayhem Rep program to other divisions in future years to augment our House League and Chaos Select programs.

Our mission continues to be “to provide an opportunity for all girls in our community to participate in the sport of softball and softball related activities”.

We now have 3 levels of play, many opportunities to volunteer, rewarding umpire duties and for the older “girls”, we greatly appreciate female coaches. The league is also in need of further volunteers for our Executive Team and you will hear more about this exciting opportunity in the next month.

The table is getting crowded but we will add more chairs, so take a seat that you find comfortable and join our family as we move forward with this little softball adventure that continues to grow.

Stephen Poirier