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Q. What is the time commitment involved?


A. Teams play around 20 games from mid-May until the end of August, and then playoff games take place in September (except for Midget and Junior which take place before school starts). You're looking at 1 or 2 games per week and most likely 1 practice per week at the discretion of the coach.


Q. Where are the games played?


A. Our home diamond is Eringate Park at Eringate and Wellesworth. Half of the games and all practices will be at this location. All of our teams play in the Mississauga Girls Softball Association, so the other half of the games will be at various parks in Mississauga.

Q. When are the games played?

A. Every division has their set game nights and game times. Mite nights are Monday/Wednesday. Squirt nights are Tuesday/Thursday. Novice nights are Monday/Wednesday. Bantam nights are Tuesday/Thursday. Midget nights are Sunday/Monday/Wednesday. Ladies play double-headers on Friday night. In general, the younger girls play at 6:30pm and the older girls play at 8:30pm. No games are on the weekend except for some Midget Sunday night games.

Q. Does my daughter need prior experience?


A. No, she doesn’t! We actively encourage all girls to experience the fun of softball. We continue to expand our program of skills training for the girls, as well as their coaches, so no prior knowledge of the game is necessary to participate.


Q. What is the cost to play?

A. The youngest girls pay $210 and the older girls pay $260.


Q. We go away in the summer, is that a problem?


A. Every player misses some games. It is up to each family to decide how many missed games are too many. The girls develop their skills and team spirit all season, so missing half of the games will put your daughter at a disadvantage when the playoffs come around. This is a hard question to answer, so if you have any doubts, feel free to send us an email.

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions that come our way. For these and other enquiries, send us an email and we will gladly respond :)

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